4 Tips to Get the Promotion You Always Wanted

Updated: May 3, 2020

"Once you become an expert in your role, spread your wings and volunteer for as much as you can. Sign up for your company’s Ethics Committee or spearhead the firm’s annual Christmas Fundraiser."

It’s 3:00 p.m. on a Friday and your boss calls you into their office. Your heart starts pounding as you brace yourself for the potential litany of issues that could be coming your way. What you learn instead is that you beat out everyone on your team for that promotion you have been dying to land! YOU did it! YOU, out of EVERYONE!

There are few highs that match the euphoria of landing your first big promotion. Being “chosen” by your company is the ultimate assurance that you are doing things right. However, despite the potential reward of a better title, salary increase, and garnered respect that comes with getting promoted, many people are too afraid to even apply. This said, it important to understand that landing a promotion takes months of preparation, which begins your first day on the job.

The advice below will help you set yourself up for future promotions and will put you in the driver’s seat to fast-track your career.

1. Make Your Dreams Known

Firstly, it is crucial to make your desire for career advancement clear very early on. Schedule some time with your supervisor to talk about your goals and discuss ways that you can achieve them. I find that it is best to be honest about your ambitions. If your supervisor is any kind of a leader, they will embrace your determination and will be confident enough to help you succeed.

2. Master Your Current Job

Second, you will need to master your current role. Learn your job like the back of your hand and others will notice your competence and accountability. The skills you learn will be valuable for the responsibilities in your next position and you will be grateful that you built this foundation.

3. Do Extra Work

Once you become an expert in your role, spread your wings and volunteer for as much as you can. Sign up for your company’s Ethics Committee or spearhead the firm’s annual Christmas Fundraiser. Take additional classes and go for a certification that will make you more marketable. Any little thing you can add to your resume will help your chances of getting a promotion in the future.

4. Let People Know Who You Are

Another way to move ahead is by networking. Join a local Business Networking Group and you will expand your contacts, which is never a bad thing. Get to know the people outside of your department and always make yourself visible to upper management. Make a point to introduce yourself to the CEO, even if you are intimidated. People in power typically want to know who they have working for them and you will stand out if you approach them first.

5. Push Past Disappointment

Finally, if you do apply for a higher position and you don’t get it, you shouldn’t be deterred. People are always shifting around in the job world and something better will come along at some point. Always stay classy and professional and your employer will remember how you kept your composure when things didn’t go your way.

Remember that every day is an interview for something bigger. Be clear on your goals, master your job, make yourself visible, and keep a positive attitude. Good things will come if you take this advice.

Inspiration of the Day: “The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any.”

-Alice Walker

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